JBIETG Rubber & Plastics

JB Import-Export Trading Group Pty Ltd is a service oriented, customer focused company providing abroad range of rubber and plastic solutions to a wide spectrum of industries, assisting companies in solving problems or maximizing revenue growth through progressive product development.

JBIETG has a management team with combined industry specific experience exceeding 45 years and represents a dynamic arrival in the South Europen rubber and plastic industry. The people
in our organisation are committed, professional and an integral part of oursuccess. Our vision is to offer innovationin solutions, the best in quality and areturn to service.

  • Open-cell polyurethane
    has a good insulation value with a higher vapour permeability. Its lower density allows for better sound absorption in normal noise frequency ranges.
  • Expanded Closed
    Cell Foams

    Expanded Closed Cell Foams are made from Expanded polystyrene, an odourless, non allergenic material. It’s closed-cell foam structure allows for reliable insulation properties which does not diminish over time The product is environmentally friendly and recyclable.

    Expanded Closed Cell Foams are versatile, in terms of the physical properties, design possibilities and workability, and can thus be used for a large variety of insulating, architectural, protective and technical products in all industries. It is an ideal material for insulation and packaging applications.

  • Neoprene
    is synthetic rubber that is produced by polymerization of chloroprene. Neoprene possesses a solid chemical stability, and allows flexibility over a wide temperature range.
  • Viton
    is a synthetic rubber and is generally used in O-rings and other molded or extruded goods.
  • EPDM rubber
    (ethylene propylene diene monomer rubber) is a synthetic rubber that is characterized by a wide range of applications.