Selizo Export Group is one of the world’s leading commodity trading firms. We are leveraging our experience and expertise to develop a more responsible business.

We have set ourselves an important ambition: to become acknowledged sector leaders in the way we manage corporate responsibility. This commitment is endorsed by JBIETG’s Management Board and shareholders – all closely involved in running the business – and by employees across the Group. It is also firmly rooted in commercial logic, for a number of reasons.

We know we have to earn and maintain a social licence to operate in the many countries and communities where we are active.

As a company specialising in the logistics of moving large volumes of potentially dangerous or polluting materials around the world, we know we need to operate a systematic and rigorous approach to the management of Health, Safety, Environment and Community risks, both in operations under our direct control and in our selection of contracting partners.

Our partners rightly require assurance that we operate to the highest standards. Demonstrating leadership in responsibility will support the development of our business and enhance our access to capital and liquidity. In that sense, we see good performance in this area as a means of securing a competitive edge.

Different parts of the JB Import-Export Trading Group Pty Ltd have distinct challenges and priorities across the HSEC and compliance agenda. All are required to implement, measure and report performance against the priorities and targets agreed at Group and operating levels. A summary of our performance can be found in our Responsibility Report available at the base of this page.

 Each platform is dedicated to managing its individual sustainability programs, anticipating needs, appointing owners, building action plans, driving implementation, and ensuring we meet our own Group expectations.


JBIETG’s HSEC Policy and HSEC Business Principles, along with our Code of Business Conduct, encapsulate our approach to corporate responsibility.

Our HSEC Policy commits the Group and all of its employees to:

  • Conduct business in a way that protects the environment and promotes safety and health of employees, those involved in our operations and the communities where we work.
  • Act with integrity and transparency and engage constructively with key stakeholders.
  • Comply with all relevant HSEC domestic and international legislation and regulations.

Our HSEC Business Principles sets out the standards we apply and the principles we uphold across all divisions and companies in the JB Import-Export Trading Group Pty Ltd Group – these are incorporated within the following areas:  

  • Health and safety
  • Environmen
  • Human rights and labour practices
  • Community relations

Our Code of Business Conduct acts as a central reference point for employees and our business partners in meeting the highest standards of business ethics.

Each constituent company within the JB Import-Export Trading Group Pty Ltd is required to supplement the above policies and principles with relevant, sector-specific standards and procedures for their day-to-day operations..


Our governance framework aims to ensure our HSEC Policy, HSEC Business Principles and Code of Business Conduct are implemented consistently across our diverse organisation.

Ours HSEC Steering Group promotes best practice and drives HSEC performance. A Supervisory Board member and the Global Head of Corporate Affairs are the co-chairs. It includes JBIETG’s CEO as well as COOs and HSEC Heads from across the organisation.

The HSEC Steering Group convenes every two months, reports on performance twice annually to JBIETG’s Management Board and is supported by working groups and external advisors, as required.