Tailoring customized hedging solution to mitigate risk and uncertainties in more than 100 commodities and currencies

Whether your goal is to protect margins, secure budgets, hedge against inflation, minimize volatility or maintain a competitive edge, our experienced team works with you to develop a diversified strategy, leveraging a wide range of solutions. With JBIETG, you can successfully manage risk and optimize opportunities – with confidence.

JBIETG PTY LTD has a longstanding reputation of managing risk across commodities, industries and geographies. Risk management is at the core of JBIETG’s services, providing financial solutions for our customers to better manage the most volatile cost components of physical contracts. Utilizing our risk services programs, you have access to experts who know your business objectives as well as they know the global commodities markets. Learn more about our integrated risk management and pricing programs as solutions for your business.


Our financial performance shows a low correlation with the commodity cycle. Despite recent macro economic events and geopolitical turmoil, our business model continues to prove its wisdom, and JBIETG has been able consistently to capture profitable opportunities. Moreover, JBIETG has been profitable in every consecutive quarter since its founding in 1972.

Risk management

SELIZO Export Trading Group manages market, financial and operational risks associated with transporting commodities in significant volumes around the world.

We aim to manage risks soundly accross the spectrum. We continue to invest in our infrastructure through strategic Energy Trading & Risk Management (ETRM) systems. Our corporate culture stresses the values of accountability, responsibility and communication at all levels of the organization, and the people of JBIETG take those values seriously.

Financial risk

Risk management functions are rigorously separated and independent from front office. Risks are reported to the highest level of the company management. We employ a wide range of techniques and metrics at corporate, portfolio or trading level, and our robust control process covers the entire life cycle of risk from inception to settlement.

We believe that daily marking to Fair Market Value of all positions held in the company is vital to understanding and stating our risk.

Credit risk is assiduously managed by our Credit Department, providing a vital link between corporate risk management functions and the front office trading units. The department provides necessary checks and balances to facilitate new trading opportunities while also mitigating our ongoing counterparty, sector and country credit risks.