JB Import-Export Trading Group Pty Ltd is committed to engaging, nurturing and protecting every one of our 9 000 + employees. We demonstrate this commitment by fostering safe work environments, protecting human and labor rights, rewarding and recognizing outstanding effort, and investing in career development programs.

Our objectives for protecting and investing in our people include:

1. Creating an accident-free environment, with the ultimate target of zero fatalities and zero injuries, for all our employees and contractors
2. Being “best in class” in employee development, especially for training and education.
3. Promoting discrimination-free working environments.
4. Working with our partners to eradicate forced and child labor from our value chains.
5. Leveraging the vast diversity within our employee population.


Our Group strives to create a work environment where employees achieve their fullest professional potential. We promote a discrimination-free environment. Discrimination based on gender, race, origin, religion, age, sexual orientation or beliefs is in contradiction with our values, history, and culture, and as such is not tolerated.

Our commitment to Safety, Health and the Environment

At JB Import-Export Trading Group Pty Ltd (JBIETG), Safety, Health and Environment (SHE) matters are key business priorities and enablers of success. And because our people are our most important asset, we take a global approach to managing employee safety and health through an integrated SHE management system and a behavior-based safety program

Our vision is to create a safe workplace wherever we operate around the world, with minimal impact to the environment, and ensuring that our people, as well as any third party working with JBIETG, return home safely and without injury every day. In addition to providing all necessary protective equipment and duty-specific training to ensure the safety of our employees, we are constantly investing in safety enhancements to protect them. We also ensure our facilities are built and maintained to operate safely, for the protection of our employees, contractors, visitors and the environment.

At the same time, recognizing that every individual plays a key part in making that vision a reality, we expect all our employees around the world to take personal responsibility for ensuring safety in their workplace.
In practice, this means employees at all levels are responsible for the effective implementation of SHE policies and procedures, complying with applicable laws, regulations, rules and codes. In parallel, JBIETG’s Site Managers and dedicated SHE Managers in our industrial, logistic and agricultural units are accountable for ensuring consistent implementation of JBIETG’s safety and health programs, adopting industry standards where applicable.