Company At a Glance

At Seliso Export Trading Group, we have a firm belief that solutions to many of the key questions facing the commodities sector can only be reached collaboratively.

Sustainability is a high priority for our Group, and we expect our business partners to proactively engage with us on sustainability issues. It is imperative that our relationships with customers, suppliers, financial institutions and NGOs include sustainability-related initiatives.

We are committed to being responsible and proactive in these areas, and work continuously with our partners to manage mutual expectations.

By building strong partnerships in all aspects of our work, including sustainability, we increase our effectiveness and protect our license to operate in the communities in which we work. Increasingly, there are regulatory or customer-driven requirements for sustainable practices that influence and govern our partner agreements.

Each platform is dedicated to managing its individual sustainability programs, anticipating needs, appointing owners, building action plans, driving implementation, and ensuring we meet our own Group expectations.

Our sustainability objectives include:

  • Compliance with business-driven expectations to ensure we are the first choice partner.
  • Consistent communication of Selizo Export Trading’s sustainability profile at all levels of our operations.
  • Active participation in sustainability-related organizations and roundtables, including certification, where appropriate.


In order to support the creation of sustainable value chains and the promotion of product safety in all commodities, we actively participate in partnerships with a range of stakeholders. This includes establishing vital collaborations with international organizations involved in advancing diverse sustainability themes.

As signatories to the UN Global Compact, we are committed to the 10 principles relating to human rights, labor, the environment, and anti-corruption. We build these principles into our business strategy, as well as relations with third-parties..

We proactively disclose information about our sustainability program information to nurture understanding of our challenges and performance, and to demonstrate the progress we are making.