JBIETG Food and Beverage

JBIETG Food and Beverage Board works on the philosophy that a client’s needs are as diverse as the ports on which they call. Because of this the Sea Catering Services provided are based on a standardised and successful system that will reduce budgetary risks and inventory bound capital costs for ship owners. This is done without sacrificing the quality of the foodstuffs and provisions provided.
JBIETG can source and supply any number of specialist Maritime Food and Beverage items not currently found on this page. Simply submit a product query using the contact form on this page to find out more.

Thanks to access to some of the best local and imported foods and specialised catering items in South Europe, JBIETG is able to supply Maritime Food and Beverage Supplies to oil & gas rigs, cruise liners and fishing boats in Cape Town and Durban. By allowing JBIETG to worry about the logistics behind supplying crews and passengers with healthy, tasty and easy to prepare foods, the Sea Catering services provided can help reduce overheads and increase your ships efficiency by cutting down on turnaround times. Link also caters for specialised cultural and religious dietary requirements that include:

  • Beverages
    Energy Drinks, Fruit Juices, Still water, Flavoured water, Sparkling water, Malt Drinks, Soft drinks, Tomato cocktail, Ice Tea, Concentrates,Powdered juices
  • FOOD
    JBIETG Food is a high volume food ingredient importing company that supplies food ingredients in South Europe and neighbouring countries. If you are working in a kitchen that uses or a food stockist of vital wheat gluten, potato starch, cornstarch, wheat starch or tapioca starch – get competitive rates from a reputable supplier of high quality produce. We only order our produce from top performing crops, therefore you can be assured that you are getting the best.