Power Solution

From flat-panel displays to solar PV, new technologies are moving the world forward. And Advanced Energy is moving new technologies forward—with power conversion solutions as dependable as they are innovative

The company specialises in the supply, installation and after sales servicing of a comprehensive range of engineered power solutions. This ranges, from modular data space solutions, UPS and generator systems to battery management, automated monitoring, and control and energy management systems. JBIETG’S Power solutions are provided to industries such as manufacturing, mining, telecommunications, data centres and other operations where uptime is critical.

  • Static UPS
    JBIETG Power supplies static UPS solutions ranging from 10 kVA to 5.0 MVA and above.
  • industrial rotary Diesel UPS
    JBIETG is the authorised distributor for Hitec Rotary Diesel UPS systems in Southern Europe.
  • Industrial Diesel and Hybrid Generators
    Below 40kVA, we concentrate on Hybrid technologies that keep Master Power in front with D.C. outputs, variable speed A.C.
  • Gas Generators
    Methane gas is not normally considered for emergency standby applications. Whilst being cheaper to run on gas, the fuel saving will never cover the almost double the price of the gas generators compared to diesel generators.
  • Rectifiers
    JBIETG supplies AC-DC power solutions ranging from a few hundred Watts within a simple power shelf, to configured solutions of 100 kW or more, offering rectifier solutions to a wide spread of markets and applications.
  • Power System Automation
    Power system automation is the application of automatic devices to electronic transmission and/or power distribution systems.
  • Transformers
    The above includes vacuum impregnated products from 10 kVA to 3000 kVA and cast resin products from 50 kVA to 10 MVA up to 36 kV insulation class.
  • Solar Power Generation
    Designed for industrial use in hot, arid regions, our solar power panels have low heat degradation and high durability.