JBIETG conducts all of its activities in compliance with local and international laws and regulations. A strong compliance culture is key to JBIETG’s success.

Compliance is the responsibility of every employee at JB Import-Export Trading Group Pty Ltd. JBIETG conducts all of its activities in compliance with local and international laws and regulations. The management team at JBIETG has very high expectations of all of our people when it comes to Compliance and we strive to set and to comply with market and industry best practices over and above the law wherever possible.

In all of our businesses we expect the partners that we work with to operate to international standards in all areas and to share our commitment to full compliance with our Code of Conduct.

In addition to local and international laws, JBIETG is subject to physical, financial and environmental regulations across the globe in all of the countries in which it trades and operates. JBIETG PTY LTD strives to work in a proactive, open and co-operative manner with all of its regulators around the globe. To ensure we are compliant with the many laws and regulations applicable to us JBIETG has an extensive Compliance Programme which is mandated and endorsed by JBIETG’s management team and implemented and overseen by the JBIETG Compliance team.

The Code of Conduct serves as the hallmark of JBIETG’s commitment to ensuring that all employees maintain the highest level of integrity and transparency in the performance of their individual and collective roles and responsibilities.

Focus on KYC

As one of the largest traders in physical commodities, JB Import-Export Trading Group Pty Ltd has a reputation for the strong, consistent manner in which it conducts the logistics of its business. Coupled with this is our ability to collaboratively work with our customers and partners.

Key to these effective partnerships is our insistence on a prudent “Know-Your-Counterparty” (KYC) evaluation prior to execution of any contract or engagement in formal business dealings. In so doing, we seek to take a measured and conservative approach to our risk management.

Our KYC evaluation is multi-faceted, designed to understand our counterparty’s commercial strength, compliance standing, and extending to incorporate our own sense of ethics into our assesment

Similarly, JBIETG prudently follows a program to conduct appropriate Due Diligence prior to entering any investments, acquisitions or joint ventures.

Pursuant to this, JBIETG supports the United Nations’ Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights, and considers these principles as a matter of practice in our business dealings. JBIETG expects its employees and the companies that it works with to follow fair labor practices, and will refuse to conduct business with those who would utilize forced or slave labor.

With JBIETG’s world-wide business activities, we recognize the challenges that can arise in sourcing materials in or near to areas affected by conflict and / or other governance issues. In this regard JBIETG has implemented procedures to conduct various degrees of enhanced due diligence in all its business dealings in or around these jurisdictions. In particular, JBIETG seeks to regularly investigate its commodities supply chain to help ensure that JBIETG in no way contributes to human rights abuses or violence or exploitation in conflict affected areas. Further, within this framework, JB Import-Export Trading Group Pty Ltd applies its due diligence to assure that any counterparties we may work with are not the subject of legal sanctions.