The scale and reach of our business – operating in over 17 countries – gives us the opportunity to be an active participant in thousands of local communities around the world. In every location, we are committed to building long-term partnerships, creating a positive impact, and contributing to the community’s sustained well-being.

We respect and comply with the laws and regulations of all countries in which we have a presence; endorse, execute, and apply the international conventions pertaining to our businesses and operations; and maintain open dialog with stakeholders and communities. These practices enable us to work closely together with local people to create programs and initiatives that are tailored to their needs and facilitate continued development.

We invest in a range of programs and initiatives in order to support the particular needs of different communities. Before investing in a project, we define the priorities in a region, establish how they match with global priorities, and make sure that we will contribute effectively to local needs.

Through our business operations we promote sound agricultural practice using research and education. The information we provide helps farmers meet the expected environmental standards, ensures their sustainability, and assists with managing and improving their yield.

With all our programs our goal is to have measurable impact and to ensure the most effective use of the support we may provide. To ensure appropriate use of funds, we work to limit the intermediate steps between our contribution and the end recipients. We also actively encourage the participation and volunteering of our staff in our community program