Deep Expertise in Transporting Bulk commodities and finished goods globally.

Achieving operational efficiency and a competitive edge in today’s markets requires a partner who can truly understand your challenges and provide the right solutions that reach beyond shipping

Throughout our history we have developed deep expertise in efficiently transporting bulk commodities and finished products between continents and across countries. The supply chain expertise and quality expectations we have developed to support own global operations we also offer to customers who seek to gain operational efficiency, manage volatility, reduce costs, and ship products safely. Whether transporting temperture controlled freight over roads or shipping dry bulk or tanker freight across oceans, take advantage of our supply chain expertise.

Ocean Transport


Selizo Export Trading’s Ocean Transportation brings true value to your business by leveraging more than 50 years of experience in serving the operations of our own organization in uncertain world markets.

JBIETG Logistics provides shipping and freight services to JBIETG’s various commodity trading teams and third-party clients.

It operates as a service provider securing competitive and reliable freight for our in-house oil, metals and minerals traders. The Wet and Dry Freight desks also operate respectively as profit centres in their own right.

Shipping and chartering operations are managed out of JBIETG’s key regional offices. All post-fixture operations, which include issuing voyage orders, completing stowage plans, negotiating with port agents and handling demurrage claims are managed centrally from our PE office.